01. My children used to enjoy spelling words on our fridge with [magnetic] letters.
02. The ceramic sheep was attached [magnetically] to the refrigerator door .
03. Elvis Presley possessed a kind of [magnetism] which many teenagers of his generation found irresistible.
04. At home, we have a lot of photographs and children's drawings stuck on our fridge with [magnets].
05. The new playground is a real [magnet] for children living in the area.
06. Sophie uses a large [magnet] to pick up pins off the floor in the sewing room.
07. The [magnetic] North Pole isn't in the same place as the geographic North Pole.
08. Pigeons and hummingbirds have tiny [magnetic] particles in their heads that respond to the Earth's [magnetic] fields, and are used for navigation.
09. Besides Earth, only Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune have known [magnetic] fields.
10. The [magnetic] field at the surface of the earth is about 0.5 G.
11. We put an extra key in a little [magnetic] box, and stuck it under the front fender of our van in case we accidentally locked the keys in the car.
12. Kenya's spectacular wildlife serves as a [magnet] that attracts tourists from all over the world.
13. While tourism has been a [magnet] for foreign investment in Burma, its benefits have hardly touched the people.
14. It has been said that the achievements of Napoleon Bonaparte by brilliant military strategy, and an incredible personal [magnetism] are unparalleled in history.
15. H. Addington Bruce once suggested that the man or woman of enthusiastic trend always exercises a [magnetic] influence over those with whom he or she comes in contact.
16. Sathya Sai Baba once observed that when the [magnet] does not attract the needle, the fault lies in the dirt that covers up the needle.
17. The study of [magnetic] properties in the rocks of North America suggests that the [magnetic] pole has migrated somewhat over the last several hundred million years.
18. Our planet's [magnetic] force is a result of the circulation of liquid at its core caused by the rotation of the planet.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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